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In the article, The Price of Happiness: Advertising and Image by The Center for the Study of Commercialism, states that advertisements are influencing what we perceive as valid roles for ourselves in our society. I agree with the statement, because I feel that the images that advertisements present affect the way people perceive normality and desirability. The article also states the concern of the relationship between the images presented in ads and our sense of self. This concern, in my opinion, should be taken seriously, because of the amount of unnecessary suffering of eating disorders, low self-image, and low self-esteem of Americans. The article also states that ads tend to present women and girls in limited roles focusing on their bodies, clothes, homes and the need to attract males. I agree that this is concerning because there are many valid roles for women such as in the workplace as professionals, leaders, law-makers, and business owners. Ads that tend to focus on an Anglo view only also provide a narrow view of the many different and unique images of beauty that are recognized as valid by society. Ads that promote only a very thin body type are presenting an unrealistic image to women that can create an obsession with looking like the women in the ads. I think it is important to present women and girls of all shapes, sizes and colors as beautiful because then women will have more realistic views of beauty and will be more satisfied with their self as unique and beautiful as well. Males as well are shown flawless, but with a limited view of masculinity and attitude. The limited images emphasize men as having power, physical strength, confidence, and dominance. I believe that the images may cause boys and men to think of natural human traits such as sensitivity, vulnerability, and compassion, as something regular males don’t have. As stated in the article, actors in ads tend to be handsome and athletic, which isn’t sensible. Those males who don’t have flawless complexions, athletic abilities, and don’t feel cool and confident may suffer when they watch these