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Palestine (We all Can) Spoken Word

If I could I would but I can’t, or I can I don’t even know
But I would, but it’s a matter of if I should they make a difference as if my voice, is really heard.
When I’m down in the streets screaming
“Gaza, Gaza don’t you cry! Palestine will never die!”
But we did, the human race has died inside
It’s not light in front of our eyes
So we took to the streets, and together we scream, we were hundreds of people , but were we really seen? And i’m sure many ask the question, to why why do we even try, as if it makes a difference to them But it should, I wish it would it could right?
The louder the boom filling the family room as I watched the news and saw my country fumes
What could I do? and where could I go?
Does anyone feel the same way? I don’t even know
So I sat and I cried put the pillow to my face
It’s not an attack on one kind, but it’s an attack on the human race
Does the human race really exist? I don’t even know
I wish it did
I wish it could
And I cried for awhile, and weaped with the ones who cried too
I went around asking what is there that I can do?
They said nothing, I said impossible
They said it’s over, and I said never turned away by the world, can they make it any better?
And I found the people that would and we marched like we never could
And our numbers made us stronger, evidence made us wiser
Our voices they went far, and did we get tired?
The numbers are growing, and keep growing till the message got to their head
They can tear down our world, but they can’t take away our voices and they cannot take away the people, and our pride

They can’t. They won’t. They shouldn’t.
Everyday a new headline, a new Facebook