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Personal Responsiblities Personal responsibility is the ability to take full ownership of the choices you make. When someone has personal responsibility they accept the consequences for every decision they make, whether the consequence be positive or negative. Developing personal responsibility at an early age is ideal because it can lead to productive and accountable adults. A lack of personal responsibility can be dangerous not only for the individual but for society as a whole. Personal responsibility is an essential tool of life that should be taught as soon as possible. It is essential to teach to children proper skills and behaviors during early childhood development. When children are first born they are like sponges ready to absorb every piece of information available to them. When a parent instills the skill of personal responsibility in the early stages of childhood development they give the child an ample amount of time to hone and perfect the skill. Giving your child chores or punishing them for their wrong doing helps the child to establish their ability to dictate correct behaviors from behaviors that are in correct. As a child grows and further develops their sense of personal responsibility they will be able to accept their consequences and correct their mistakes. A child with a good sense of personal responsibility will become a responsible adult in the future. Adults who have a great sense of personal responsibility tend to be more accountable and productive. They think, evaluate, and ascertain before they make any final decisions. This allows them to fully except any consequence that may result from their actions. When adults have a complete sense of personal responsibility they tend to be more productive because they are constantly making decisions that will affect them positively. For example, an adult with personal responsibility who is late from their lunch break will except the consequences and will discover a way to make up for the time lost. Whereas, an adult with little to no sense of personal responsibility will waste time trying to figure out excuses as to why they were late.