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Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility is understand and accepting the significance of values that people place on behavior while attempting to live by these values (Haskins, 2009). Put more simply, personal responsibility means that we each choose or cause our own actions, and we are the only one accountable for these actions. It is the law of cause and effect at work. Theodore Roosevelt once said, " If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month,” (Brainy Quote, 2013). There are many ways to relate personal responsibility to wanting to obtain a higher education. Many people who decide to go to college, do so without a good understanding of exactly what it will take to be successful. To have a successful college experience, there are some important steps to keep in mind; one will need to attend class and get involved, have good time management and organizational skills, and not stray from set goals. One of the most important parts of this endeavor is attending class. In doing so it shows friends, family, and most important, yourself that you want to learn and have a successful life. Avoid being afraid to voice your opinion, even if it is not the same as other student's or even the instructor's (Zimmerman, n.d.). Participation is key to the education process by allowing you possibly to learn new insight or viewpoints on a given topic and in addition, help in remembering what a lecture covered. Asking questions when subjects get complicated will show the instructor that you are determined to understand the material. For example, if there is something that I do not comprehend, I can post a question in the chat forum for anyone in the class to respond to or e-mail the instructor directly. Looking to fellow classmates for help on difficult coursework could also be beneficial. Learn if any study groups have been formed, and if so, ask to join. Although participation is crucial in your academic venture, there are other facets that need just as much attention. Arriving on time to class and turning in the required assignments in a timely manner will not only help prove where your priorities are but will also demonstrate that you can manage your time. A daily or weekly time plan process could be beneficial in letting you know when you have time available to work on assignments. With smart phones and tablets becoming part of everyday life, there are numerous applications that give the students the tools to manage the information they receive in the classroom. Most of the applications allow students to take text, audio, and video notes, along with reminding you when tasks are due (Leavitt, 2009). I personally use a calendar that is kept on the refrigerator, which allows me to keep track of when assignments are due. When one is completed, it gets checked off and I move to the next. This also helps other members of the family know what days I am available and what days I am not. By taking on the responsibility of studying and turning in the assignments, the chances of obtaining a good GPA are high. A student's personal responsibility is associated with his or her GPA, and students who exhibit a higher responsibility are more likely to have a successful college experience (Singg, 2001). As a result, this could also lead to huge possibilities when looking for career opportunities. This was one of the main reasons that I decided to return to college. I want to take what I have learned and what I will learn, and turn it into a thriving career. For most well paying jobs, a college degree is a necessity, and large amounts of employers will even request a copy of your transcript when the time comes to apply. This shows how well you did in classes and that you had the persistence to finish college. Being proactive is one effective way for college students to help themselves get good grades and graduate. Try and avoid the mindset of putting things off. By doing so,