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You Determine the Outcome Personal responsibility is the willingness to accept the importance of one’s individual obligations. It is a choice that only the individual implementing can determine the final outcome. Korda (1985) stated, “Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility... in the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people have... is the ability to take on responsibility.” (p. 14). Personal responsibility can only be applied by those willing to accept, implement a plan, and understand what relationships are involved when working towards college success. It is crucial to holding oneself accountable. Personal responsibility requires one to know and accept the importance of their individual obligations. Unlike any other responsibilities one may encounter, personal responsibility falls solely on the person in charge. Prioritizing can be an advantage or even in some cases, a disadvantage. If done so properly; it can help assist an individual’s ability to put things in a proper order to ensure that one is successfully personally responsible. If one fails to put things in the correct order; one can fall behind would much difficulty to catch back up. Anonymous, (2010) stated, “When prioritizing, it's best to keep in mind education comes first. Keep school and school-related activities high on the list of priorities” (p.16).

When working toward college success; it is important to implement a plan, and understand the relationship between personal responsibility and academic success. The two both require independent studies. One must come to the realization that college success and personal responsibility both have a serious need for dedication and time. The combinations of the two go hand in hand. Juggling both may seem like a challenge for one, but surely can be concord if one decides to create a preliminary plan. One must concentrate on the amount of academic focus that will be required; consider extra curriculum activities, teacher conferences, plus individual and team collaborative study time. One must also know how much time will be needed in each area before prioritizing to insure a positive outcome. Implementing time management is a huge factor when one is creating their preliminary plan.

Time management is of great significance to your personal life and career success. It teaches you how to manage your time effectively and make the most of it. “Time management, like wellness, is a personal responsibility. The more personal responsibility that we assume, the higher the level we can obtain in both areas.”(Osman, 2006).There are three easy steps to implementing time management: First, one must create a set schedule, including personal day plans in addition to academic responsibilities. Second one must meet deadlines to meet overall academic standards. Thirdly, one must simply follow through in order to reach the goal of being personally responsible. Time management means everything when dealing with personal responsibility. Zimmer (2006) study found the