Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal responsibility
Alvin Scott
August 27, 2013
According to Ron Hoskins, he define personal responsibility as the willingness to both accept the importance of standard that society establishes for individual behavior and to make strenuous personal efforts to live by those standards, but personal responsibility also means that when individual fail to meet standards, they do not look around for some factor outside themselves to blame. I think personal responsibility should go hand in hand with integrity which simply means not only knowing what the right thing is but also doing it regardless of whatever the consequence might be.
Taking responsibility of one’s action should be the number one rule of personal responsibility. When I was younger somewhere around fourth grade my dad explained to my brother and I that his personal responsibilities are as follows, to provide a roof over our head, put food on the table, clothes on our backs and been discipline and instill pride and morals in us. He furthermore went on to explained to us what our personal responsibilities were, which was mainly all what entails going to school starting with setting our alarm to wake up at a reasonable time in the morning, parking our bags according to our daily classes, getting to school on time, pay attention in class behave ourselves and come home with good grades. Finally he warn us that if he ever have to leave his job to come to our school for us not acting accordingly it will be a problem and he was serious about that and we knew where he was coming from, so we did our utmost best to keep him away from our school except for school celebrations and functions.
We took school work which was the most boring thing in our lives at that point in time very serious not because we want to but because we knew what the repercussion was going to be if we didn’t and because of that it became our life routine so it wasn’t even boring anymore, we even started competitions to see who was the better student by the end of the year which I rarely win. But the moral of this story is that we were prepped by our dad what it means to be responsible and have our own personal responsibilities which we didn’t like at that point in time but for days like today it’s helping us a great deal in our day to day dealing with life.
We ended up using the same mentality in college to get our degrees, I got an associate degree and left for the army whereas my brother went on and finish with his bachelor’s in applied science. One thing I’ve experience as I get older is that personal responsibility increases as we get older depending on how responsible in school or in life that person might want to be, it sometimes get so over whelming that I started understanding why people quit and take the easy way out, be a bum on the side of the street begging for change but my pride would not allow me to do that and I thank God for giving me the courage to overcome all the adversaries and getting back in school to finish my