What Is Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility Jonathan Levin Gen 200

Even though some people believe that who they know and how much money they have can be helpful, taking personal responsibility is the only true way to be successful because it makes them work harder, and it is completely dependent on oneself. Without taking personal responsibility for one’s own life and career there is slim chance of succeeding. No one can give someone success.
Personal responsibility can be defined as the willingness to acknowledge the importance of the standards that society sets for people as well as making strong efforts to live up to those standards. This is not something that another person can give to someone. For some people this is learned from an early age and carries with the person through school and life. The steps toward personal responsibility can be taught but in the end it is solely up to the individual to internalize it and move forward, it cannot be faked. A person either has these beliefs or does not.
When you take responsibility for your life, school or career or other, you work hard to achieve your goals. You take pride in the work you do and constantly strive to do better. After all the time and work you put in, it is much more satisfying to know that you achieved something on your own. A person studies much harder when he, or she, has a sense of pride in their work rather than making little effort and turning in subpar work. You can be given opportunities and money, but what you ultimately choose to do with those things will determine your success. It always comes back down to the personal responsibility that you take toward your success. Success is earned not given.
Employers recognize a lack of personal responsibility as a weak work ethic. How can a person be expected to take responsibility for a business, employees, or customers if he or she cannot even take responsibility for themselves. An employer wants to know that you have the initiative to advance the business to the next level. When mistakes are made a person with a strong sense of personal responsibility will own up to his or her mistakes and make efforts to correct them. Whether it is professional,