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Personal responsibility is one’s ability to take care of oneself by means of, keeping healthy, managing ones emotions, keeping a sound mind, treating yourself with respect, and or taking responsibility for your actions, accepting the consequences that come from those actions and understanding that what you do impacts those around you
. Personally I see this definition and agree with It, especially an adult should always have the ethics to know what’s right and wrong and take charge of his or her actions in life and know that the decisions that one takes will bring consequences that one has to live with either good or bad. A good example of this would be students, every single individual knows that In order to be successful in class he or she needs to take the responsibility to show up to class, participate and complete all assignment. If one wants to reach their goals not only in school but in life personal responsibility is a big factor for a successful life.
The relationship between personal responsibility and college success encompass all areas of our daily lives, for example teachers. Even though teachers are there to teach, guide, and lead us on to the right directions. We as students must implement our own personal responsibility values that will ensure our college success by using every single opportunity or avenue provided to us. I also believe using solid time management strategies that will help us meet our goals. And another thing that is common among college students is knowing how to manage stress and family issues.
Some suggestions that I would consider or try to plan out into my