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Personal responsibility is taking ownership of one’s actions influenced by good or bad habits. We all have an individual responsibility to accept any and all consequences influenced by our daily actions. It is also our individual responsibility to reflect on how our actions impact the people and environment around us. We all have the ability to practice habits that can help us improve our personal responsibility.
I have set out specific goals that will have a direct impact on my education, career, and family life. My educational goal is to obtain my bachelor’s degree in 2016. In order to meet this goal, I must have a good attendance record and receive good grades. Not having a bachelor’s degree automatically disqualifies me from furthering my career goals. Fulfilling my educational goals will hopefully provide opportunities in the near future by allowing me to promote from within the company I currently work for. I’m hoping that education combined with my work experience will give me and edge in the work place.
Two key factors that will contribute to my success is the ability to balance my work and family life along with my school obligations. Being a mother of two, having a full time job, and school needs will create obstacles along the way but I am hopeful in making the best of what the near future has in store. I believe that by attending the University of Phoenix educational program instead of the traditional school route, I will be able to better manage my educational and family needs in the next couple of years.
There are some habits that I plan to use as tools for my educational success. One of the greatest challenges I hope to improve on is my time management skills. This tool is critical in being successfully productive in all aspects of my life. Including my job, educational, and parenting obligations. I currently use my Outlook Calendar to help me manage work meetings and deadlines. This tool has greatly assisted me in managing my time and staying organized. Using the Outlook Calendar task feature helps me with keeping track of critical deadlines, which I glance at the beginning of my day. I try my best to stay within my deadline goals and have a better understanding of limiting my social time during those hectic weeks in order to be successful. The combination of good time management and organization will be critical in the success of achieving my educational goals.
In order to obtain my degree I must have good grades. Since I have been out of school for many years I