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Personal Responsibility

In Pakistan 342 people were selected to participate in a study to determine the motivation of academic performance for students’ accomplishments. This study included questionnaires that had three parts, the first which included personal questions relating to the individuals, the second part which included the student’s motivation, and the third part was to measure the student’s academic performance. These study describe the exterior and internal levels of motivation that provide a positive impact on the academic performance. These also determine levels of self-discipline which have a huge impact on responsibilities in life. To have a great role of responsibility you must have a good sense of time management as which is accompanied by self-decline. Without self-discipline it would be nearly impossible to be able to structure time management in your daily life. This determines to be reliable based off the tests done in other countries such as Pakistan which shows how academics lead a life of responsibility. (Afzal, H., Ali, I., Khan, M., & Hamid, K. (2010). A Study of University Students' Motivation and Its Relationship with Their Academic Performance. International Journal of Business Management, 5(4), 80-88.)
There are many challenges that students face while in college, some being that when they are away from home they feel they have the freedom to roam and experience new things. Responsibility when it comes to students are increased and make decision making hard. When it comes to a student’s personal habits, social activities, and even decisions whether or not to show up to class or to do the assignment’s they are required to do. Everyday students face these responsibilities. With every decision there comes consequences, so it is important to keep on track and keep in mind the responsibilities that are forth coming and what those responsibilities will get you. It is easy for students to flee away from responsibility, which is why it is very important to develop self-discipline and maintain a schedule to ensure good time management. When you have these two things it will make living up to the responsibilities a much simpler task. (Causes of Failure in College. (n.d.). Retrieved January 30, 2012, from The University of Alabama :

Personal responsibility is an act of standing up for one's own decisions. Personal responsibility makes an individual to be blameworthy for their own actions. Personal responsibility is a righteousness and should relate to a person's thoughts, feelings and actions. In order to attain personal responsibility, one must be willing to hold themselves accountable for their personal goal they are trying to achieve. By practicing self-discipline, you are then able to learn how to control your actions, which will result in being able to take personal responsibility in any feature of life.

First step to accomplishing personal responsibility is learning self-discipline. Three ways to learn self-discipline is to first, finish what you start. Second, don’t wait until you feel like doing it and finally, leave the excuses behind. By achieving these three acts of self-discipline, you will then be able to prepare yourself for the ups and downs of your everyday life both at home and in college.
Another step in reaching personal responsibility is learning how to hold yourself accountable for your actions. Staying committed, being organized, and keeping a planner are all good ways of keeping yourself