Personal Responsibility Essay

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Diana Carrillo Personal Responsibility Rough Draft 05/05/2013

Personal responsibility means taking accountability for my own actions, accepting the consequences that come with my actions. Being organized it is way easier for me to be successful with achieving my personal goals, academic goals, and staying focused with achieving my college success.

Having time management skills is a very good thing to have because keeping up with family, friends, school, my relationship, and my crazy schedule for errands. I always have to have a set schedule so I know what I am doing and when to do it. So I always have time to do everything I have to do. I have a few personal goals as well as academic goals that I would love to accomplish. Staying focus is important because if you don’t stay focus it can be very difficult to achieve something. For me staying focus in class will be a little challenging because I can lose focus right away.

I hold myself academically accountable for attending class, reading the material and syllabus, and participating. I have a hard time participating on-line because it is just something I need to get use to and learn how to participate. My attendance is important because if I don’t do the requirement or attending class it can be very difficult to achieve my academic goals in getting my degree. By reading the material and syllabus it can help me do all the assignments and know when they are due. Studying for exams is such a challenge for me…