Personal Responsibility Essay

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Everyday life is based on personal responsibility, maintaining an efficient way of living is very important for today’s society Personal responsibility is accounting for your own actions on a daily basis. For example, handling finances, college, health and fitness, children, setting up one’s personal goals for their future. These are all basic personal responsibilities that a person has to deal with every day. The true definition of personal responsibility is one’s ability to take care of oneself by means of, keeping healthy, managing ones emotions, keeping a sound mind, treating yourself with respect, taking responsibility for your actions, accepting the consequences that come from those actions and understanding that what you do impacts those around you. Personal responsibility is a very important part of who we are as individuals. This has a lot to do with how successful a person can be or how unsuccessful a person can be. (Adults are more likely to define personal responsibility as "doing what's expected of you or what you're supposed to do" (46 percent) than "admitting to or owning mistakes" (31 percent) or "doing something especially hard or challenging" (23 percent). While serving in the military for six years, learning personal responsibility is crucial to any military member. There are many rules and laws that military personnel must abide by. If you do not abide by these rules there would be punishment, it all comes down to being accountable for your own actions and maintain your personal responsibility to be successful. College success solely depends on one’s personal responsibilities. To maintain success for anyone’s college career you must study, complete homework, team activities, listen to lectures, take notes etc… These are all things that individuals must account for and have to fulfill to achieve any college goals or success. My personal goals are to take college serious and receive my bachelor’s. Without staying on top of college studies and doing what you are supposed to do as a student, there will be failure. Personal responsibilities play a vital role in everyday college life, it also plays a huge part in life itself. Personal responsibly allows a person to not only deal with one specific goals or everyday task, it allows you to deal with multiple tasks. Being able set a plan for the future successfully is personal responsibility, this is a very important goal that must be set. If a person is not capable of doing so, laziness will set in. Laziness is one of the reasons many people refrain from everyday personal responsibilities. People have to be willing to accept the task of juggling their personal life, college and work to be successful with anything we chose to achieve. College success and personal responsibility are very compatible, you must have one to achieve the ultimate goal of completing college and receiving a degree. My day-to-day schedule is to include, taking care of my family, effectively starting my