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My Viewpoint on Personal Responsibility

My Viewpoint on Personal Responsibility
My view of personal responsibility is the capability to take the initiative to follow necessary steps to insure personal goals in college and life in general. Personal responsibility is having a well-adjusted outlook of actions needed to achieve personal goals in life. Success is responsibility and responsibility is personal social management.
Success by my own definition is consciously taking the initiative to excel in every goal I pursue. I see responsibility as social management related to how I perceive and treat others. Personal responsibility is a well-adjusted outlook of actions needed as I work and plan to achieve my own personal goals.
Taking Personal Responsibility for Success in College
Taking personal responsibility in all aspects of my task and coursework can lead to positive resourcefulness and can lead to success towards achievement for everyone involved. By relying too much on the actions of others can result in failed accountability. Lack of accountability can cause me to miss important information and failure to complete task or assignments for my group, team or coworkers and family.
It is my job to take the initiative to find out what my task, assignments or duties and all that they entail. (Dembo, 2000, p. 15) “I place the responsibility for determining what behaviors or beliefs need to be changed on them, not on the instructor.”Dembo felt that students had to be taught how to become academically responsible. A major part of that is to find out truly what is expected of me in any endeavor I approach. I can’t wait for all the elements and answers to fall in my lap or expect that another person will provide these things automatically. It is up to me to ask questions, research information and promptly gather tighter all the tools, nuts and bolts so to speak and follow directional information and assembling them in a correct and timely manner. By following these criteria I can assure that I develop a persona of positive action towards success in my academic activities that will lead to a successful college experience.
I can become a more efficient worker by developing strategies for success by retrieving and utilizing my experiences, self inspiration and make changes in my learning performance capabilities. “These payoffs include the possibility of higher grades, more time to participate in enjoyable activities, and the confidence to become a successful learner in any course.” (Dembo, 2000, "Unit I Foundations of Learning and Motivation").
My Personal Responsibility Creates Positive Self Esteem
My personal actions and interactions towards peers, family, friends and coworkers determine my liability towards others, and how their inner perceptions and attitudes toward me might correlate our ability to assist each other's achievements and goals. My having an objective consideration and adequate understanding the needs goals of others and how my peers can creatively use our unique differences to successfully complete any job, task or goal we as a group pursue.
I can also insure that I show responsibility by taking time to schedule and plan all activities by gathering up as much information about the task and duties. I can use the information to prioritize study, lessons, task at work, family, and self maintenance. This information this will reduce time wasted on less important activities and will allow me more time to focus completion of task without over compromising those who are important to me.
According to Carter, Bishop, and Kravits (2011), I as a student can use developed methods in teamwork to actuate the teams “best methods” (p. 306).They also give advice in following a list of ideas to follow for developing a good strategy for a team study group that is also used by businesses that is referred to as Benchmarking, These team collaboration ideas are a good source for developing proficient teamwork