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A Special Forces soldier needs to possess all of the ARSOF core attributes in order to be a competent member of a team. If the soldier lacked just one of these core attributes, he would endanger himself, his teammates, and the mission. Therefore it is important to develop and practice all of the core attributes on a daily basis, so that when the mission requires they are a natural part of the soldier. I failed to demonstrate some of the core attributes when I did not complete my SSD-1 on time. The core attributes that I should have practiced were Integrity, Personal Responsibility, and Professionalism. I did not demonstrate the quality required of a Special Forces soldier, and need to work in order to improve each one of these. Integrity means being trustworthy and honest; acting with honor and unwavering adherence to ethical standards. Teammates need to be able to trust each other. Without trust, a team will not work together efficiently. SFC Bossman told gave me a deadline for the SSD-1 and trusted that I would meet it. I failed his trust and showed a lack of integrity. To fix this I will work on my planning and time management, and write out a calendar to keep track of my obligations. I will immediately add any new instructions to this calendar so that I do not break the trust of the cadre anymore. Personal Responsibility means being self-motivated and an autonomous self-starter; anticipates tasks and acts accordingly; takes accountability for his actions. Each team member has responsibilities shared by each team member as well as his own specialized responsibility. When one team member fails in his job, the team does not function properly. For example a team or part of a team might only have one delta available to them at some point. If a teammate gets injured, that Delta might be the only medical assistance available for hundreds of miles. It is his job to make sure that he is ready to take do what is needed