Personal Responsibility Essay

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My preferred lens is results lens and reputation lens. I tend to follow my intuition and what I believe will be best for the community or group as a whole. I agree with this because I do follow my heart more than I follow my mind. My blind spot states that I believe that people in certain positions can’t fail; no matter that they are human just like me. I know this to be truth because I look at preachers and teachers as people in positions that just should not mess up. I know that this is a very harsh way of thinking, but I’m just glad for it to be explained to me why I think this way. One of my strengths is free will and compassion. In the description of this I found even more truth about myself. If I want something for myself I get it done and try to make it easier and more accessible for others. My weaknesses are many. One weakness was described as being self-righteous, meaning that I would think I deserve perks and privileges because of my position. My vice was becoming greedy and hard hearted. The description states that if I don’t ground myself then I could find myself taking from people all that I can get away with. I am going to work had at all that I do so that this never happens to me. The results stated that I needed to align my thoughts and choices with my heart along with my mind also. My key phrase is “I make virtuous choices that are good for everyone. My core values balances between self and others. Again it restates that I use my heart to make important