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I come from a broken home; my mom and 3 siblings are my family. My dad “Javier and uncle Alex have been incarcerated more than once. When it comes to my siblings Juan is the second oldest, Pedro is third oldest and lastly is Miguel. I have to honestly say being the only girl out of 4 children and the oldest has been tough. How well imagine the responsibility and example I have to set. Being the oldest doesn’t mean that you have the authority to judge or cruise our siblings. Being the means that your representing the figure of the example. July 21 2008, 6:30am at the age of 13 this time in Tijuana is a good wake up call. Like any other week day Juan, Pedro, Miguel and I were getting ready for school. My mom was doing breakfast, meanwhile Juan and I checked the car oil and water tempter. We were off to school and my mom to work. At 3pm we arrived home everything was like a normal retuine day. I cooked and did laundry, when Juan told me that he wasn’t felling well and wanted to rest. I kept doing my chores before my mom shift was over at 7pm.Around 6pm I heard a scream that gave me the shivers and goose bumps. I ran to the room and Juan told me he couldn’t open his eyes a green glue liquid slimier like slime was coming out of eyes. Immediately I called my mom than less than a second she arrived. We both grabbed Juan put him in the car, and they left. I had to stay and take care of my other siblings and keep doing…