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Part of my role is to carry out assessments within the workplace for apprentices in their first year of training. My task is to ensure the apprentice is working in a safe manner adhering to all health and safety protocols and procedures and to minimum standards set by the Institute of the Motor Industry.
The process starts after the apprentice has attended one of the training centres and successfully completed a training course. Having completed the course I update an excel spread sheet planner and set a date for visiting the apprentice in their branch to conduct the assessment.
As the date for assessment approaches having referred to the spread sheet I send a memo to the apprentice notifying them that I will be attending on a specific date and the area of work in which I will be assessing them appropriate to the training course last attended. I will also copy in the Branch manager/mentor ensuring the apprentice is available for the day and also requesting where possible appropriate tasks can be made available, possibly by using the branch diary to facilitate this. The letter will explain that as part of the assessment process I will be gathering evidence of their competence which may involve photographing them in the workplace. I also make the candidate aware that if they require any additional support to carry out the tasks they should make me aware as soon as possible in order that I can make any reasonable adjustments to ensure the candidate performs to the best of their ability.
The apprentice will be made aware that I will be speaking to both their mentor and human resources to establish if there are any underlying performance issues, whether it be poor timekeeping excessive absence etc. and having established that and recorded it, that the apprentice will have the opportunity to endorse the review paper with their own comments as part of the process. I will remind and reinforce the knowledge that there is a copy of the IMI appeals and complaints procedure within their portfolio which they should be familiar with in the occasion that they should feel it necessary to resort to that process.
Upon visiting the apprentice in their branch I will collate and examine any new evidence that has been gathered which may consist of copies of invoices, vehicle safety inspection reports. When reviewing these documents I will be ensuring they provide the appropriate level of evidence and that they have been completed fully, again in line with company policy with relation to quality control and standards. I will require that in all cases the apprentice mentor has also assessed the work and evidence provided. This proves amongst other things that the apprentice is aware how to obtain appropriate vehicle technical data, such as tyre pressures and torque wrench settings etc.
I will then passively observe the apprentice carrying out a task relevant to their last training course paying particular attention to ensuring the work is carried out to IMI standards. I will use a generic check sheet to ensure the process is adhered to and provide evidence that the candidate has followed all necessary health and safety protocols and processes to complete the task. I may well also take photographs at this point to provide evidence of competence. Although passively observing I may interject to confirm the candidates understanding of a subject by using questions and answers and potentially show and tell, therefore reinforcing the standards set whilst at the training centre and proving the candidate has retained the correct level of knowledge and reasoning as to why certain task are carried out and what the likely outcomes are if not completed correctly. I will then complete a witness testimony as to my observations if the apprentice has attained the necessary level of competence.
During my time spent with the candidate I will use the opportunity to check and mark any question papers completed further establishing the apprentices’ level of…