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Trying to follow in the footsteps of my mother and become a 2nd generation to graduate from college, I am help up to high expectation. From the age of 5 my mother has always tried to instill in me the importance college, and how to better myself and to get further in life. Being a only child for 11 years and raised by a single mother for 10, I trusted my mothers judgment and since then have wanted to go to and graduate from college.
“Excuses are monuments of nothing they build bridges to nowhere” these are the first words I heard as I stepped into the doors of high school “people who use them as tools of incompetence shall become masters of nothing” the first time I heard this quote I didn’t think much of it, but as my four years in high school come to a close I’ve learned the true meaning of these words. Before high school every one said “you find yourself in high school” it didn’t make much since then, but through attending one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in Georgia I have realized that high school, builds character, channels focus ,encourages greatness , instilled passion, enhances personalities, and aims for students to walk out better then they stepped in , so four years later can I say that high school did in fact change me? Yes I can, and I know that if high school can make me a better person then a university like Xavier can defiantly shape my life in a way that I know will be in the best interest of me and what I want to do. So just like my…