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Will Schultz once stated 'joy comes from using your potential', so the pursuit of happiness is
rooted in what interests us at the deepest level and for me that has always been Economics. In
my view economics underpins the very nature of society. I have been immersed in this field
throughout my life. I observed economic downturns from the Black Wednesday era in the early
90s to the current recession and these have led me on my journey to gain a deeper insight into
how economics affects the modern world.

Throughout the course of my studies I have been very interested in current affairs and my
media A level has allowed me to relish any quality newspaper many of which include economic
problems. I feel we are at a stage of our lives where the country is going through the biggest
period of change in terms of economic rehabilitation. I want to personally contribute to this, hence why I wish to pursue the course at a higher level.

I recall early on in employment at a telecommunications company that the prices of certain
items were fluctuating on a daily basis. For example a mobile phone hand set could be ten per
cent cheaper than it was a few days before. It was at this time I began truly understanding
the fluid nature of Economics and the 'free market'. No one set the price; it was simply based
on the demand of other businesses for an item, and the retailers' ability to supply it.

Economics is a social science based on modeling how the world works and trying to understand
what drives it. It became apparent to me that at a microeconomic level, private enterprise is
the critical facet when applying the notions of Economics so the course of Business Economics
seemed a perfect fit.

The subjects I chose to study at A2 coupled with my personal interest, I feel this makes me a
suitable candidate for this course. Learning maybe predominantly text books and lectures but
these are merely aides to assist in the quest for understanding. Therefore my desire to learn
did not simply end in the classroom but actually to begin there. I got involved in a 'Business
Enterprise' course and mentored younger pupils in Business Studies.

Having researched academic avenues in further learning, I began to read publications such as
The Economist and financial sections of The Guardian and it became clear that to truly
understand the articles I would need to study Economics and understand the theory behind it.
At this point, it became truly apparent that this course was the right one for me. Friedman &
Keynes were exponents of economic theory and