Importance Of Purpose To Study A New Language

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Most people think studying a new language is just about learning new words, putting them together, following specific grammar rules and trying to pronounce them correctly. Although all this is fundamental to learn a language, there is something more though: the love for diversity, a deep interest in a new culture and the passion for discovering how people from another country have become the way they are today.
These are just some of the reasons that have led me to apply for this course, together with an eager wish to learn the most, seeing the wide range of possibilities your university makes available. Being Italian and aspiring to travel the world and find my place somewhere abroad, I realised how important being able to make myself understood is and, since Italian is not spoken widely, I thought foreign languages would be the best solution to reconcile the acquisition of a new way of living and the sounds which characterise it. Moreover, in my future my dream is to become a translator of literary works: here, more than in any other job, not only is it essential to have a complete understanding of the language, but also the pragmatics of it.
I have been learning foreign languages since I left my junior high school. In the past five years I have been studying English, French and German, the language, culture and literature. However, while attending my course I developed a heart-felt interest in an area of Europe, which my studies didn't cover: Scandinavia. I was first attracted by its beautiful landscapes and I soon became interested in their culture and way of living, together with the way people express themselves. Just to quote the titles of some films and books I have read and seen, Stieg Larsson's "Millennium Trilogy" grabbed my attention, supported by other authors such as Jo Nesbø, Camilla Läckberg, Håkan Nesser and many others; also, I enjoyed reading the Old English heroic poem "Beowulf".
Thinking about which skills and what kind of accuracy and commitment a study like this requires, I believe I possess the right motivation and prerequisites, thanks to my previous studies which have trained and prepared me and also to my hard-working attitude. In fact, I know how sometimes it can be demanding and meticulous, but with the right dedication, dose of passion and pleasure, I believe this study could be really enjoyable.
In addition, I have had some work experience, which has helped me to become more responsible and confident to use foreign languages, and since I really don't like having nothing to do, I enjoy keeping myself occupied with