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Catherine Silver
Personal Statement

It was a frivolous day at school, Thomas .G. Pullen to be exact, when she was invited to a cookie bake. You may ask what a cookie bake is, so I will explain. A cookie bake is an annual occurrence where a group of peers go and sleep over a person’s house and bake cookies from scratch. It’s the real deal with rolling pins, cookie dough, friends, music, laughter, emotion, and so much more. The cookie bake was always held by Jessica Walker, the class nerd, or weirdo I should say. In Catherine’s eyes she wasn’t any of those things. Jessica was just different. Catherine was the type of girl that didn’t just hang with one particular crowd, she hung and discussed with them all. These crowds included the so called geeks, nerds, amine freaks, dancers, athletes, “populars” etc. Those were the days that people were mean to you just because of the way that you talked, walked, looked, dressed, and even learned. Really crude one would say, but any who she accepted the invite regardless of what anyone thought or would think.
Catherine was really looking forward to this cookie bake because this would be her very first one. She had always heard great things about them and all the fun that happens at them so she was ready to finally be apart of something fun. Although Catherine plays a bevy of sports including soccer, softball, swimming, basketball, and field hockey for a start, this was her season for soccer. So before she could pack her clothes or ask her mother, she had to go to practice first. After practice was over she went home to ask her mother if she could go to the annual cookie bake.
Now Jessica’s mother, Patricia, was a kind woman with caring, loving qualities, so it wasn’t a shock to find out that her profession was actually a nurse. Besides her being a nurse, luckily she was Catherine’s mother’s friend. They happened to be very cool and even went to karaoke together a couple of times so Catherine knew that if she told her mother who was having the cookie bake and who their parents were it would be quite alright for her to attend.
She arrived at home and blazed up the steps to get to her mother so that she could ask the question. Even though she had pretty much already known what the answer was going to be, she still needed to ask. Once Catherine’s mother said the answer she was already expecting she immediately went to pack her bags. The annual cookie bake was not just a place to bake cookies but also an amazing sleepover. When Catherine’s stuff was packed her and her mother got in the car and began their drive to Jessica’s house.
Once arrived they got to the door knocked and was greeted by dozens of happy girls. Catherine was eager to go bake cookies and enjoy the night so, she attempted to drag her mother in when her mother resisted, pulled her back, gave her a kiss, and said “See you later.” Catherine being oblivious to the kiss kissed her back and said “See you later love you.” When she realized what she was saying she then ran back and said “Wait where are you going?” This is when Catherine’s mother’s boyfriend comes into the play. Her mother’s boyfriend is a mechanic. He was a man that lived to fix, build racecars from scratch, and then race them. It just so happened that his race was tonight, the same night as the cookie bake. Catherine was a little upset, but she soon realized that it was okay because she would see her mother the day after. So everything was okay in Catherine world.
The joys of the night began to unravel rapidly. All the things Catherine had heard were true. It was a load of fun with laughter, cookies, and more. The end of the night was steadily approaching and Catherine was blinded by the joys of the night so much that she was uninterested in cleaning up with the rest of the girls. She happened to stumble upon a pogo stick in the garage. A pogo stick was an object she had never rode before and so