Statement Of Purpose For Telecommunication Engineering

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Man would have not been able to come out of the Stone Age and make advancements in his life style if he had not learned to invent things. To make the ideas a reality, mankind has struggled very hard to find ways that may lead to the answers and also be helpful in devising new and better ways for living. I always believe that whatever humankind had reached in technologies, they can improve and produce more and more things to improve their livings.

At this year, I have chosen three main subjects (Mathematics, Physics and Computing) to prepare me for the Telecommunication Engineering programme. At first, Mathematics is my personal favourite because of its focus on thought processes and problem solving techniques. I particularly like studying algebra, because of the challenge of finding the solution to the problem. It is an endlessly fascinating subject, as the field appears limitless, giving more opportunity for further thinking and researching. Secondly, I enjoyed the logical aspects of Physics and the way that complex physical phenomena can easily be explained by simple and smart theories. I have enjoyed designing electrical circuits and how to measure the resistance and voltage. I like the challenge of solving complicated problems both in mathematics and physics. Finally, my interest in Computing started at an early age when I first used computers to play games and remember the feeling of wondering how computers worked, and wanting to know what other things computed could do. In computing I have enjoyed topics such as designing websites and how to use applications.

Telecommunication engineering is one field, which relates to all these subjects and helps to create and join the circuitry that is a part of our modern electronic devices. The materials as well as the equipments that the telecom engineers require, is supplied by various manufacturers and they are responsible for giving the best result with minimum cost. This scenario helps in the creation of new ideas which may help to improve technology in this area. Telecom engineers help the world to keep in contact through signals that are sent through the air in the form of waves. I find the dramatic developments in this industry very exciting, for example