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Having grown up in Bournemouth, one of the constant elements were the beaches and Applebury head. Although I had no idea what Geology was back then, I was extremely curious why everything was the way it was. I remember asking my father if the beaches were always there and why the sea does not just swallow us up one day and he would try to explain what was going on. Looking back, it does not seem like much, yet, I am inclined to consider it the moment when my passion sparked. Now, having travelled to Spain and extensively through Australia, I feel that my curiosity has developed into something much bigger than a mere curiosity. Having seen the limestone rock of Gibraltar, the sandstone Uluru Mountain and the world’s largest coral reef, I feel that I have groomed a deep interest in the forces that shaped our planet and its landscapes. In all honesty, I was always interested in all sciences, not only Geology. When I was in school I hardly ever had any problems with math or science, always getting good grades. I remember that my teachers were really pleased with my efforts and that, in my view, spurred me on to do as best as I could every time. What is more, I was one day reading about the scientific method that research use when they carry out their work. I can remember quite vividly how enthusiastic I was about it and, ever since, I have tried to employ to the best of my abilities when trying to gain insight into something I knew little to nothing about. For these reasons, my belief is that I posses quite an analytical mind that is stimulated by progress and novelty so that I feel that will not have problems dealing a great volume of new information coming my way. Now, in regards to the reason why I want to study Geology, the simplest thing I can say is that it was an intuitive decision. If I were to expand, I would say that I am generally interested in our planet. All the knowledge I have gained so far about it and the forces that govern it seems to be at most superficial and still, I would love to know more. Furthermore, the fact that our planet is constantly changing is another factor that fuels my interest. From Pangeea to the Ice Ages and to today’s Earth, things have changed dramatically and the process is highly unlikely to stop there. Thus, Geology can be considered an exciting and constantly developing field, meaning that I cannot see myself growing bored of it. In addition to this, I feel like it is a very hands-on field of work and, as a bonus, the graduate prospects are much better than that of other courses. Considering all this, my passion for Geology and my analytic way of thinking, I am inclined to believe that this course and field of work would fit me perfectly. Being a mature student, I have had the chance to travel and develop certain skills, or abilities in my time away from formal education. From the moment I left school to this day, I have had the chance to work in quite a few different areas. Firstly, I worked with my father, helping him with his window restoration business for around 2 and one half years. That was my first contact with the real life and it was, needless to say, a forming experience. During that time I got a better sense of what responsibility and hard work really mean. Afterwards, I managed to get a job in a warehouse where I was meant to be packing pies into their package. Even if I considered that my father was hard on me, I did not know the half of it. It was during that time that I learned the value of teamwork and the pressure of deadlines. In order to meet our deadlines, each and every one of us had to be consistent and do their job properly. Thus, sometimes I would work overtime in order to meet them, even if the environment was