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Before I was even able to talk I would silently shake my head in disagreement whenever my mom tried to dress me in anything that wasn’t pink. Even as a baby I knew what I liked, and that, evidentially, was the color pink.

Pink has been an enduring preference in my life I may stray to an occasional purple, blue, or yellow, from season to season, but I eventually end up back at pink. When I was younger, I preferred bubble gum pink, bright and bubbly. I’ve always loved making new friends and meeting new people. When I was seven years old I went the country fair and, as I was standing in line for the hang-glider ride, I started talking to the girl next to me. By the time we got off the ride, we were best friends.

My favorite part about pink is its juxtaposition; it’s comprised of bold, passionate red and innocent, naïve white. As a whole, I wouldn’t consider myself extremely bold, but upon closer inspection, I have chutzpah in my own ways. I’ve always been very opinionated; it comes from my family. Our Thanksgivings are, well, “loud”, but in the good way. We have debates and arguments about everything from politics to Saturday Night Live. I have my subtle brashness; but it’s not overpowering because, like pink, the bold red is complemented with white’s innocence. Innocent is like perpetual state of bliss, without being bogged down by negativity. As Audrey Hepburn said, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls”. Everything is just better when you’re happy and I believe that you have control over your attitude and how you perceive life. In math class one of my friends asked if I had some sort of disorder. I was very