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Question B. Describe a single work experience which has had a significant impact on how you think about yourself and human services. In what ways has influenced what you hope to gain from the master’s degree program?
It was a Saturday morning when the sunlight bled through my window blinds burning through my eyelids. When I finally gave in and opened them my telephone rang. An unfamiliar number appeared on my caller I.D, prompting the question "who has the audacity to call me this early?" I ignored the call. Shortly after, the phone rang again. I answered to find the inquisitive voice of a work colleague asking me whether or not I planned on “coming in to work this morning?" Obviously confused and strangely disoriented I said, "No. I didn't even know I was on the schedule!” Zara was the second retail job I had ever held and I disliked it as much as the first one (H&M).
The redundancy and tediousness of retail work never provided an environment best suited for the utilization my natural skills and inclinations. (take the time here to mention three skills that you feel like make you a good fit in the Human Services field) Hence why I wasn't bothered by the fact that I had pretty much just lost my retail job at Zara. I never did call the store that Saturday morning to let them know I wasn't coming in, but in writing this essay I realized that working at Zara’s is one of the single most defining work experiences that I’ve had to date. Because it afforded me the opportunity to realize that sometimes what you refuse to do is just as important in finding what you were born to do. During my time at Zara I was also a full time front desk clerk at the Bulfinch Hotel while completing a stint in the Financial Aid office at my school The New England Institute of Art for a work study. My thirst to live independently of my family coupled with a prideful audacity to define my own rules and limitations led me to work various jobs in order to take care of myself while going to school. My grades suffered greatly but I was determined to make a living and to graduate on time. Upon my graduation in April of 2012 I realized something very important. I needed to be fervent in my pursuit of an educational and/or professional career that could combine my interest in Fashion and Retail Management with my first love: working with youth and…