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PERSONAL STATEMENT My name is X. I have just finished grade 11 at A School, B, Country. I always desire to have opportunities to experience the modern and advanced education in such a developed country like the United Kingdom. I believe that the education there is able to provide me a huge load of knowledge and skills, so that I will be able to make contribution to my home country when coming back. The United Kingdom has been famous for having one of the world-leading education and an ideal destinations for students who want to study Banking and Finance. School and Shool are both famous with a high standard of teaching and learning. scholarship as I have known is funded by sponsor, open to international applicants from emerging market globally that are dedicated to contributing their home country’s economic development . Regarding all of the requirements of the scholarship, I believe that I am well qualified for it. Firstly, at school, my GPA has always been higher than 8.0 out of 10, the latest term’s GPA was Grade. Moreover, I have actively involved in many extracurricular activities at high school. Last year, I was one of the managers in the school’s biggest event named“Forever 18”, a commencement ceremony for student in grade 12 before they leave high school. I am now the head leader of the school’s English Club named E4Ewhich is in charge of organizing many annual programs such as Freshmen’s Orientation Leviosa (together with other clubs), Halloween party , New Year party , English festival, October Fair, etc. . Besides, I also spend time for the community. I have been taking part in a lot of social activities which gave me the experiences of working with many people from all walk of life. Through those activities, my abilities to adapt with new situations, my communication skills as well as my team working skill have been improved a lot. Last summer, I had a chance to work as a volunteer in the SOS Village where I met and helped orphanage children to study English. I have always enjoyed studying Math since I was a child. My Math grade at school is pretty good. I’m particularly interested in dealing with numbers and statistics. I think the inspiration actually runs along in my family since all of my uncles and aunts, even my father are working in the finance area. Therefore, I decided to choose to pursue a career in Banking and Finance, which will help me to have a good job in the future and be able to do what I like.. As far as I know, School was based to focus on Business and Finance, my favorite major. I will be trained myself a