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Civil Engineering shapes the world, and precise structures lead to great success. Doing something better for the development of my country has always been my dream. The fascinating and astonishing day-to-day work of a civil engineer has always inspired and encouraged me to follow this career path. All their works and masterpieces are admired and remembered by people. I like the idea of how civil engineering meets the demands of the people and how its purpose is to make people's life more convenient with their sustainable designs. Civil Engineering is historic and important occupation, and engineers developing their new ideas, designs and structures will continue to make it one of the most important occupations. It is really exciting to do such a challenging course. Mathematics is fascinating to me as I have always enjoyed problem-solving and tackling challenging questions. It has always been my strongest subject throughout my academic life. Being a mentor and prefect of maths in my secondary school has given me a chance to share my knowledge and to improve my communication and confidence in my maths skills. I also attended a "Sixth Form Mathematics Master Class" hosted by the University of Kent. It was a great opportunity to learn maths beyond A-level. Physics has always been a fascinating and interesting subject to me. All the facts relating to real world situations have increased my interest in physics. As physics and maths is essential to this course I think it will be the perfect choice for me. I am really keen to learn more and develop my knowledge and skills through Civil Engineering.
Getting involved in science fair has helped me to develop my depth of understanding. I have completed an "Advanced Science course" from the Popular Education Foundation in Nepal. This course has prepared me for the upcoming science level studies. I successfully achieved top 30 out of 800 students in weekly examinations, which further extended my confidence in my scientific knowledge. I enjoy listening to the lectures of Paul Hewitt and often listen through YouTube in my spare time. His examples have made it easier for me to understand many physics topics and relate them to real world situations. Watching TV shows such as Grand Designs and Extreme Engineer and seeing how structures can be built and how problems are overcome through their technological knowledge and skills has increased my interest in this field.
Working as a home tutor has improved my organisational skills and communication skills. Work experience in Boots has given me the opportunity to do a