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Uriah Douglas


Personal Statement 2

my life has been full of many problems and tribulations and trials. sometimes i didn't know how i was going to make it out of certain things. nothing really comes easy for me and everything i do is a struggle or always pressed for time. The first love of my life , Zoey Brooks , is now the last person on my list. being attached and emotionally dependent does not help you reach goals in your life. i used to depend on her and other people in my life constantly and when they weren't there i didn't know what i needed to do. ive always had someone to guide me through all the things i didn't know clearly. relationships end and so does the contact with that person. not everyone in your life is good for you and sometimes they need to be cut out smooth and be forgotten. me being the person who puts people before me was hurt the most by my loving nature. being free and putting distance between me and certain has helped me see that when i try and learn how to do things i can do anything. i dont need to depend on anyone for anything. i know what need to be done and what needs to be accomplished to get my future goals. you were born without friends and bear and you die betrayed and forgotten. so i would rather gl how i came. doing what im supposed to do will get me far. all i have to do is continue to work for what i deserve. My whole high school experience has helped me become a critical thinker and someone that i can say…