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It was a perfect summer day; the type of day a family would enjoy socializing out on the lawn. Kids were playing and eating hot dogs and burgers. The adults were discussing their jobs and how miserable they were, so I commented, “You should just quit then, if you are unhappy with your job.”
“First of all, this is an adult conversation so keep your comments to yourself. And second, in order to survive in this country a job is necessary” my aunt responded
“Well when I’m older I am going to become a Lawyer” I said
My aunt retorted “Honestly, you should not strive for something that impossible, becoming a Lawyer is out your league. You should work at Wal-Mart or Shoprite, where education is not required.”
Her comment made me think that maybe she’s right; maybe I was meant to work at Wal-Mart or Shoprite. Why else would she discourage me? Just then my mom stopped me saying, “Carmen, if you want to pursue a career in Law then nothing should stop you. What your aunt did was wrong. She should have encouraged you to pursue your passion. I reflected on my aunt’s life and then thought of how I wanted mine to be. Kids often receive mixed messages. Sometimes we need that push or that voice that says “Don’t quit!”, “Try harder”.
Deciding which high school to attend was not difficult for me because I knew my passion for law would guide me to University High School. University is known for The Thurgood Marshall Law Program, which introduces students to the American legal system and