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Nina Wong
The common saying: Practice makes Perfect, can be applied to languages. There is no shortcut to comprehend any language in a short time. There are no easy ways to learn a foreign language except step by step. In my point of view, Language is a practical skill. It is really useful for travel, make new friends or find a job. I have taken the Associate Degree of Arts in Bilingual Communication Studies of English and Spanish for two years in Community College of City University of Hong Kong after graduation in secondary school. I also passed the Dele exam A2 last November. Therefore, to continue my learning in this area, I would like to major in the domain of Modern Languages and choose Spanish as main subject in university.
Spanish is the third most popular language in international communication over the world. Last summer holiday, I studied a summer course of Spanish in Spain for almost three months. During these three months, I have been to different cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Salamanca and Segovia. I have experienced the local Spanish life and the local culture as well. Hence, I would like to explore more interesting things about Hispanic Culture in the future via the most interesting module of the Introduction of Hispanic Culture.
In addition, I have been to different places by myself since I was twelve years old. In every summer holiday, I used to join one month English summer courses in various places such as Switzerland, New Zealand, Brighton and Edinburgh. In 2008, I was the only Asian Student who studied general English course in Edinburgh School of English. This was the turning point that I started to know about Spanish as well.
Studying in UK gives me a chance to master English skills along with Spanish in various modules. It can strengthen my English communication skills. Also, there are lots of strong point to study Spanish in UK universities, such as a year to study or work abroad in Latin America or Spain. It can enrich my work experience and cultural awareness.
Hence, from September 2014 to May 2015, I am studying in Cambridge for 9 months University Foundation Year Course. There are series of the intensive English lessons, qualitative and quantitative research method to cope with the academic writing and Spanish knowledge in the university.
I have been a teaching assistant in a Hong Kong's secondary school for five months last