Personal Statement: A Career As A College Counselor

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A College counselor plays an important role in encouraging students to go to college as well as academic planning. Academic planning is the process of helping student to set educational goals and determine the best career path way. Academic planning starts in freshman year continues throughout first year in college. School counselors advises students and families about what kind of opportunities are available to meet graduation requirements and also encourage families to start planning as much as early.
School counselor main responsibility in academic planning is ensuring that students, families and faculty members are aware of graduation requirements, promotion standards and college requirements with a strong correlation to post-graduation goals. College counselor works with every single high school students to create a personalized academic plan.
Component 1-Course Planning: Course planning is also called “The Four Year Plan”. It is an academic planning map of the courses students required to take for high school graduation and elective courses related to their college path way. In our school we have a draft of core courses students have to take and some elective courses. I am working with dean of academics to create a four year plan, program of studies and career pathways planning guide
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School Counselor then help students understand their results and apply these survey results in college planning. In our school all 8th -11th grade students took surveys mentioned above. I will meet students individually and small group to talk about what Holland’s codes are and how we should understand those codes. Our students select three national clusters based on the cluster finder survey results. We are planning to have cluster information nights to give more information about the clusters by inviting someone who is