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Personal Statement

To nurture a person back to health is one of the most satisfying processes. Especially after that person has kept silent through years and years of physical and mental struggle. Well that person was me. Every night, sophomore year I laid in my bed wondering why I wasn’t good enough. And the answer was simple; I was incomplete. I handed out pieces of me and was left with nothing. It took time to get better. But once I had successfully completed my self-prescribed treatment in the forms of acceptance, self-love, reflection and scented candles I came out a better person. One who once again felt motivated to tackle the future. Someone who in the two months that followed her grand breakdown managed to complete her second year of singing on the church’s choir, win her school’s student representative election, and play varsity golf again all while crunching out advanced placement tests on the side.
For many years, I have wanted to help others. Before the numbness fell upon me like a dark cloud I was filled with visions of helping those unlike me. People filled with uncertainty and despair. I was a happy child who was raised by two of the strongest people in the world and never
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I’ve learned that leadership goes beyond promoting school spirit and making posters. I mean, when you hear the double digit number of suicide attempts from kids at my school, you come to realize that maybe that year’s lip dub video isn’t as important of an issue as stressed caused by school. As founder of a women’s empowerment club at Union I took the initiative and single-handedly fought off the negative stigma surrounding the idea and established an accepting haven where people of all genders can go and eat lunch. Both these official leadership roles have come out of my own perseverance and I am excited about continuing my interests in a school that will let me do just that,