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My passion for Accounting and Finance arose from the experience and knowledge I gained through a series of events. I’ve always had an interest in earning money ever since I was awarded my first salary at a local pub. One subject that portrays my eagerness and lust for money is Accounting and Finance as it allows me to explore in depth of money analysis.
Studying A-level Business and Politics has widened my general understanding of Accounting and Finance. During the span of studying Business it has prepared me for the upcoming challenges life has to offer, by developing many skills such as analytical, research capabilities and most importantly understanding complexity of the ever changing environment. Politics provides me with detailed understanding of the political world not only the UK Government but the United States as well. Studying an intriguing subject such as this helped me at an intellectual level about the political world and keep up to date with general elections and referendums, thus expanding my knowledge.
On the other hand, Psychology is extremely compelling as it explains the human mind and how it works. I found studying this subject interesting as I gained many skills such as problem solving, teamwork and communicational. I believe the subjects above have created the fundamentals needed to study Accounting and Finance as I’ve gained many skills some of which will prepare me not for the course I’ve chosen but in the working world.
Alongside studying Business, Psychology and Politics I worked for a Business that specialised in the selling of fresh Fruit and Vegetables. During the period that I worked, I was presented with many roles some of which were a cleaning and behind the till. However