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With this letter I would like to support my application for business and management bachelor degree program at Oxford Brookes university in Oxford. Why did I decide to apply for such a program, what are the reasons that make me spend so many hours filling my application and,eventually, leaving my comfortable life that I have here in Nigeria,and,of course, making my bachelor degree much harder to obtain? I have numerous reasons, related to my studies, my future professional career, my desire to improve my english, business orientation, managerial skills and utilize available resources of my country to the benefit of my state, country and the world at large through international business.
From a school point a view,oxford brooks university is not only one of the best university in business and management in England, but it also consistently stands, in the various business schools rankings, good standard of teaching and learning facilities, lecturer liaise student forum in counseling them in academics and life style, most graduate got job easier ahead of other universities product, also in the world of business and management, oxford has dignified a long lasting trade mark with prestige and honor in reputable society from research and discoveries, among the best business schools in europe despite the extremely tough competition of all the famous public and private united kingdom universities.
Having a chance to study in this very institution for an entire academic year in a unique opportunity for any student in business administration and management, my objective is to become a faculty member at a leading university and investigate issues concerned with management as it affects organization in the field of business to developed a strong analytical and creative business mind.
I have a strong academic background, as evidenced by my O'level courses as well as a solid track record of business experience. With further education in business and management, I will be able to combine a teaching career with consulting business on management issues. I will understand the latest theories of management combined with strong real world experience that will allow me to develop interesting and significant topics for