Personal Statement Of A Creative Person

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I am a creative person with a strong eye for detail. I like to think outside the box and find new and improved ways of doing things. Having achieved a degree in Fine Art at University, I discovered early on not to be afraid to be different and innovative. I would be able to bring my creative way of thinking and thirst for new ideas to Vodafone as I feel I would be in a environment where those skills would be valued.

Believing in always giving exceptional customer service and always being polite and friendly to others is another of my key skills. I enjoy meeting new people and treating everybody with a high level of respect and equality. I am very reliable and trustworthy which I feel makes me very approachable to others. I would put my customer service experience to practice within Vodafone, ensuring any Vodafone customer is made to feel valued and appreciated. Customer satisfaction is the heart of any successful company and I feel I would really be able to put that into practice with Vodafone.

Motivation and enthusiasm is another quality I have that I pride myself on. I thrive within a pressured and fast paced environment. I learn quickly and can think on my feet. I'm not afraid of hard work and enjoy a challenge. If working for Vodafone I would be able to put my enthusiasm and willingness to work into practice, which I feel would be a good quality to have given the companies values for bringing new ideas onto the market quickly.

As well as always being competitive and motivated to succeed in University I am very much like that in everything I do. I like to do the best I possibly can and I'm not happy with settling. I have strong sales experience and enjoy a challenge. I enjoy reaching targets and I feel this would really benefit me if gaining a position with Vodafone. I would be able to put in to practice my sales skills in retail more than anything and am confident I would do well. But also my determination would benefit any position I do ; I'm not shy of hard work.

When working in Telesales for a catering company following University I had to step out of my comfort zone and into something completely unfamiliar. Moving into a new industry and environment was challenging. I had to learn how to operate computer systems, learn coding, pricing and do all of this quickly. The business I worked for had to uphold a high reputation and I felt motivated to learn quickly and efficiently in order to be the best I could at the job and for the customer. I overcame the challenge through hard work and determination. I revised coding and the company conduct after hours and was never afraid to ask questions to ensure I was providing the highest level of service.

Stepping out of the