Personal Statement Of My Life Essay

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Personal Statement

The whole purpose of my life will be due to my wonderful family. They are the reasons for who I am today. They have supported me plenty of times, helped me through bad times, and loved me more than anyone else could. Without my family, I would be lost. They are the reason I am happy most of the time. We have our differences at times, but I am grateful for having them. If I could explain my mom with one word it would be, special. My mom gives up so much for my siblings and I; she would do anything to make us happy. My step dad is another great reason for giving us a happy life. He came into our lives two and half years ago. Ever since, we have been the happiest. Without this crazy, yet wonderful family, I would not have any goals. I have decided that my goals will be when I get out of high school, I will move to San Francisco with my best friend Ana, and go to the community college up there. Without my family’s blessing, I would not be set on my goals for the future.

My dreams are to become a writer. Ever since I was a kid, I have written stories and dreamt of becoming an author. Whenever I write, I feel the need to write everything I can, down. I feel writing will be in my life for along time, even if I am not the best at it. Writing quickly became an interest when I started to read books. Every book I read, brought me deeper into the writer fields. After getting tired of writing only on paper, I found a website, “” and anyone can write stories and either sell them, or publish them for the public to read for free. People on there give opinions; it’s great practice for anyone who is looking to becoming a writer. This website is a big part of my learning process on how to write better. Another dream of mine is to live in San Francisco and travel all around the city, writing about everything I see. Going to the park and writing poetry, or even staring out into the ocean, hoping to be inspired by the water. When I am in San Francisco, I see everything I could write about. I could never write about it all, of course, but I will write as much as my hands can take.

Back then, I never would have considered myself a buoyant person. I used to be a lazy, mean spirited person. My personality has changed over the years, however. Now, I am a kindhearted person, a great worker, and I am working harder in school then I use too. In the past, I did not care about grades, I did not care about hanging out or making new friends, I cared about nothing else but myself. That wasn’t even enough. People talking, people having fun, people being happier than I was, were the people I hated. They always annoyed me because I was miserable and they were not. I wanted to be as happy as they were. I did not know I was depressed until later on. That’s why my personality was horrible. Now, I am an extremely happy person and I am not as mean as I was. I have my bad days, as all people do, and I work on it everyday. My anger was not as bad as it use to be, however. In the past, I use to be such a negative person to the point where no one wanted to be around me. Now, positive thoughts are what gets me through the day. I love to make myself and anyone feel better. Most people don’t think positive thoughts work, but they do. Constantly, everyday. When someone is sad, I love to give advice and try to make them feel better. I am a person anyone would love to be around.

When I was a freshman, something happened to me; I did not know what it was. It happened so quickly, that I did not have time to grasp it properly and slipped into a dark hole that was hard to get out of. I read an article about murder, truly gruesome; it was about kids who got murdered by a psycho path. After reading the article, it messed me up in a way I did not understand. I would lay in bed all day, wishing I was dead. The article gave me disturbing thoughts that soon sank me deeper into this dark hole. After a few days of feeling