Personal Statement On Psychology

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Ethics statement-psychology

I will strive to listen to my intuition and use my finding to determine the greater good for everyone. My preferred ethical lense is that of results and autonomy. I am independent, and I get things done my own way.
Along with every set of ethical standards comes a blind spot, sometimes causing faults and setbacks. I sometimes tend to be satisfied with too little. So long as I am satisfied with my current needs, I tend to be complacent, leaving problems unresolved in the long run.
My strengths are prudence and experience. I have gained wisdom in many practical matters, as well as an enlightened sense of self and interest. I strive for optimism, imagination, and entrepreneurism. I try my hardest to make choices that I see best for everyone. My experience lets me use a combination of intuition and imagination to solve problems. I have the capability to focus on what is actually happening and consider multiple perspectives.
As well as a good set of strengths to help me with my ethical standards, I also possess a few weaknesses that are always threatening my goal of success. I have the tendency to base my decisions of what is political or advantageous rather than what is right or just. I sometimes try and convince myself that it is OK to cut corners. My strong sense of acquisitiveness and greed tends to drive people away.
My values are autonomy and sensibility. My primary concern is protecting others rights and assuring that