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Describe what is meant by diversity and why it should be valued

Diversity means different. Everybody is different in their own way; somebody may have different skin colour, different facial features, different nationality, different religion, a disability, different sexual orientation or different political views. I need to understand that each and every individual is different and they need to be treated equally as everybody else. By law every company must employ somebody that is different, this will help people with diversities to be able to work as everybody else and make a life for themselves. It will also prevent discrimination or bullying whiting the work environment. I personally value working with different people because it can be very interesting it gives me the chance to learn new things and to understand more how others live their lives, it teaches me to be more understanding and respectful towards others. If I am working with a diverse person of any kind I like to do some researches and studies so I can be well prepared in terms of how I carry myself in their presence.

Describe how to treat other people in a way that is sensitive to their needs

I always treat everybody with respect; I treat others as I would like to be treated. I analyse people and the situation the may be in e.g. If a pregnant woman walks in I make sure to help her sit down etc. If a disabled person comes in the office I try to help them in the best way possible and assist them in every step to make their experience more comfortable. I always make sure to ask them if is ok for me to do something or if they want me to do it in a different way, I make sure to ask them if they need any assistance ,if they need water or if they need me to speak more slowly or to do something differently. This will show my compassion towards them and it will make them feel more comfortable around me. They will see that I am very well-mannered and that I care for their wellbeing it will also show that I am making an effort.

Describe how to treat other people in a way that respects their abilities, background, values, customs and beliefs

I need to treat others with respect at all times, I need to treat everybody equally and not discriminate anybody.

For example: If one of my colleagues is Muslim and practice his religion, I will educate myself and learn about his religion. By doing so I enable myself not to make any mistakes in his presence, like giving him food that contains pork meat or to eat in his presence while he is fasting during the Ramadan period. This will not only give me the chance to learn about a new religion and its costumes but it will also show my colleague that I respect his believes.

Describe ways in which it possible to learn from others at work

I personally believe that I can learn something from any person that I encounter.
In a work environment I can learn from my colleague’s employer or even from my customers.
I can learn about things relevant to the job or something from their private lives, such as their believes, sexual orientations, political views etc.

For example: I will always ask questions on how to do something, if I am doing something in the correct way or if they can teach me how to do it in a better way. This method is very efficient because I will get a chance to bond with my colleagues/employer and get to know them better but also learn something new and how to do it in the best way possible.

Describe the purpose and benefits of maintaining security and confidentiality at work

Confidentiality is a very serious matter; I need to make sure not to disclose any of the client’s employer or colleague’s personal details at any time. If I do disclose sensitive details I will break the law and I could get prosecuted for it. I will maintain confidentiality to prevent loss of trust from clients, to keep data protection, to keep sensitive and private documents (Bank details, date of