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3.2.8 Practice: Personal Statement Ever since I came to the New York when I was ten year old there have I was been two careers that interest me and I’ve wanted to pursue. The first career is Mathematics, which I got from my grandfather who was a professor at the University of Guyana. We’ve always been really close even if I’m here and he’s back home. He inspired me to not only become a Mathematician, but attend one of the best Universities in the state, NYU. My grandfather is the one person in my family whom I have a lot in common with and it would me so much to me if I could follow in his footsteps.
My second career choice is to become a Businesswoman. One of my cousin use to tell me all the time and she makes it quite clear that her job is rewarding and very interesting. My one goal in life is to just find something that I would love to do for the rest of my life and stick with it, and that would definitely be accomplished. Business and Mathematics are two majors that NYU is highly known for, and that is why NYU would fit my needs for a college perfectly. No other college compares to NYU in my mind and it is without a doubt where I would love to be in two years.
I would be very excited to apply to New York University. I have fallen in love with NYU campus after seeing it first-hand on a class trip in the 8th grade. The campus is very pleasant and comfortable. I have met many alumni from NYU who have only positive things to say about the school and its