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Personality Assessment and Theories
Joi Jamison
Jennifer Reed

An individual’s personality is rare to that individual there are not two individuals in the planet that have the same entities. An individual’s dignitary comes in time as they transform into an adult. As an individual matures they learn what it is they do not like, and what they do like. What an individual approaches in their life coming of age, can build them and make them what they are as an adult. According to the psychodynamic theory an individual’s manner of conduct originates from psychological impulses that occurred in their personal life. For example if an individual is sexually assaulted when they were young, this circumstance could very well be why they act a certain way and be a major part of their life. If something comes to pass to an individual growing up, this could be the end result of the same individual as an adult. Freud and his assumptions on characteristics, one being comatose he believed that all the feelings and thoughts what individuals aren’t and typically cannot be knowledgeable of. However unconscious is when an individual is sleep. Freud meant all the perceptions individuals inhibit when they are asleep. He believed that the self-pride was for the personality and that brings agreement among the need to show themselves identification, reality, and moral sense. The way he comprehended was vital because he computed how individuals do the things that they do, and how they…