Personality Assessment And Interpretation Assignment Essay

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Personality Assessment and Interpretation Assignment

One of the tests that I decided to take was the “Buddha” assessment. During this assessment I was able to get a better understanding of the way I accept and/or feel about myself as an individual. My score for this was rated above average with a total of 32; the average rating for this score falls at 25. With these results the study showed that of course I accept myself more than the average person. Which completely true, even though I am not perfect and do have flaws, I understand that no one individual on this earth was made perfect. This excites me because of the fact that although there are many people on earth we are all different in many ways so I choose to embrace myself instead of put myself down like so many of my PAST friends do to themselves. Changing my surroundings has also played a part into the way I accept myself as an individual. Compared with my past relationships, everyone that I surround myself with now is completely sure of themselves and comfortable in their skins, which in fact rub off on me.
This test also showed that even though I am fully comfortable with myself, I still have a sense of the “real world” which means that even though I am confident in myself, there is such thing as failure and success. These two factors play a major part in my attitude shifts throughout my life due to the fact that when I’m doing well I’m much more excited about talking with other’s and so forth, opposed to when I’m not doing so well I tend to stay to myself a lot of the time thinking about ways to get better. Compared to the NEO-FFM test, this all proves to be true. The test rated me a high extravert, which is why I can see why the BUDDHA said that I was so sure of myself which is normal for people who rank high in extraversion. As far as neuroticism, I don’t worry about anything. My thoughts are as long as I take care of everything that needs to be taken care of, good will come; this keeps my mind at peace. Hints the reason why I’m always comfortable and happy with myself! I completely agree with this study!
The second study I took was the CES-D study which measured depression. The scores ranged from zero being low depression or non at all reather to thirty which was labeled high depression. My score was a