Personality Disorder Essay

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After reading the article about borderline personality disorder, I learned a lot. At first I thought it was just being bipolar and/or dramatic about everything, but I learned it really isn’t something you can control. BPD is a disorder where you can go from being totally fine, too completely out of control and angry. You are “explosively reactive” and your emotions are not regulated like they should be and impulsive. If you have borderline personality disorder, it is hard to keep stable relationships, let alone, a job. The girl Klara, in the wedding, completely blew the situation out of proportion, and got overwhelmed with what she was doing. It’s all about what goes through the person’s mind and what they are thinking. Psychologists are not sure what the exact cause is for this disorder but there a few factors that lead to it. They say the causes are likely due to biological, genetic, and social factors (how the person interacts with family or friends growing up, at a young age). They also say another cause may be the individual’s personality and temperament (their coping skills on how to deal with stress). I know a girl that I think may have this disorder (but she doesn’t know it). She cannot keep a stable relationship with anybody and has new friends every week. She can be happy, to crying and yelling in a matter of seconds. I feel as if she does a lot of it for attention, but she doesn’t stop because I don’t think she knows how to, actually I don’t think that she can