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The Personality of Dan Price
With the recent boom of publicity for CEO and founder of Gravity Payments, Dan Price, throughout his interviews his behavior displays three personality types. The Bandura Theory is most prominent when watching him speak on his recent changes within his company. He also displayed characteristics of the behavioral approach system (BAS) through his interaction with those working for the company. I also came up with my own personality theory based on some of his character traits displayed in the videos. This theory may encompass aspects of previously developed theories; however, they have been combined and altered to fit the mold of a new, innovative personality theory. Bandura’s social cognitive theory includes self-efficacy, in the interview Price mentions that he believes that in giving an increase in minimum wage, by taking funds out of the profits of the company, he is enforcing a positive change in the way business relationships should be between administration and their employees. Through this, he displays an internal locus of control. Price never shows any signs of outside forces having control over or deciding the outcome of his actions. His overall vision shows how his observational learning has led him to develop a new approach to conducting business. At such a young age, he displays a great amount of optimism in his ideas and goals, both future and present. Another theory that can be applied to the characteristics displayed by Price is the behavioral approach system (BAS) of Gray’s Reinforcement Sensitivity theory. After viewing the videos, Price seems to be relatively talkative, energetic, as well as being an outgoing individual; these are all characteristics of an extravert. To exhibit signs of extraversion, is a sign of someone who fits the mold of the BAS. As CEO, he interacted with his employees and made them feel a sense of compensation and appreciation for their contributions to the company. In order to develop a trusting environment, Price wanted to ensure that everything was filled with positivity by providing a reassurance of gratitude to the employees. My own theory involves a mixture of different traits and ideas. The humanistic perspective comes to mind, as Price perceives himself and everything around