Personality In The News

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Personality in the News
Caprece Byrd
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Personality in the News A twenty six year old white male was identified as the person who approached an eight year old girls bedroom window, telling the girl he was a friend of the family. The man then covered the girls mouth, dragged her out of her window toward his vehicle parked close by. The girl’s father heard her scream, cane running to see a strange man speed off in his car. The girl told police that the man came to her window, said his name was “Jonathan”, told her he knew her parents and asked her to give him a hug . When the girl tried to run, the man reached through her open window and grabbed her covering her mouth pulling her out of the window and toward the alley. She began to scream which alerted her father who came running and saw the man get into a BMW and speed away. This local event has raised questions and caused concerns for parents of young children in the Aurora area. Are pedophiles becoming brazen enough to walk straight up to the house to prey on children? At this point it has not been determined that the man had any connections to this child or her family. A woman who reported she was formerly the man’s foster mother said that he frequently viewed child pornography and recently began referring to himself as Jonathan . This man is obviously facing some sort of ego crisis as described by Erikson. Possibly autonomy versus shame and guilt, where he is failing to control his impulsiveness; failing or unwilling to choose right over horribly wrong . It is possible