Personality Of A Cheerleader

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Lexie Seach

Cordell- 4

English 1

6 October 2013

Personality of a Cheerleader

“Ready? Okay! Go Tigers go!” screamed Lexie at the top of her lungs. Lexie is a DSHS Junior Varsity cheerleader, and loves getting everyone pumped up at the pep rallies. Lexie recently took the Keirsey Personality test, and was not surprised to find out that she has an extrovert personality. The Keirsey Personality test is a series of questions that catigorizes each person that takes it into four of eight different personality types. Lexie has an EP personality type.
Like I said, Lexie is an extrovert. For example, when in class Lexie works well when she is with a group of people rather than working alone. She feels good when she is able to share her ideas with others, instead of keeping all of her thoughts to herself. When Lexie lets those around her know how she feels, she is happier and feels more secure. In addition, Lexie is very good at public speaking. Getting up in front of a crowd of her peers and talking to them does not bother her. She likes advising other people and letting them know she is there to help. Along with this, Lexie always goes out of her way to let her family and friends know that she appreciates them. She likes them to feel loved and good about themselves. Lexie is a very caring person and enjoys the security of other people.
Lexie is also a perceiver; she seeks openness and freedom from routine. For example, she does new things every week to keep from getting bored. Like on Tuesdays she has cheer practice and every other day of the week she figures out something to do. She feels at ease knowing she keeps her self-busy. Another thing that makes Lexie a perceiver is her terrible concept of