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Personality Paper
Allison Marler
January 19, 2015
Erika Redmond
Personality Paper
Personality is what makes a person, a personality is a combination of characteristics or qualities that defines a persons’ character. Each individual has their own unique personality. Not two individuals are alike, some may be the same, but every person has their own unique trait that differs from the next person.
Most Psychologist would agree that no one perspective is correct. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses. With personality, there are different perspectives. Psychoanalytic, humanistic, trait, social cognitive, and biological. Psychoanalytic perspective is when a person lays on the couch, and does not have to look at the therapist. It is intense, and takes place three to five times a week. It can also get expensive, and can be time consuming. Humanistic therapy, focuses on the ability to be the best possible person that you can be to improve his or her own life. Cognitive therapy, is the link between thoughts and emotions. The goal of cognitive therapy is to understand the thinking patterns and develop more positive ways of thinking. Trait theory, is an approach to study human personality. Traits are patterns of behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Everybody has different traits and they differ from each individual. Social perspective connects society as a whole. (Carter & Seifert, 2013)

The biological perspective believes that most behavior is inherited. Biological psychologists explain behaviors in neurological terms, i.e. the physiology and structure of the brain and how this influences behavior. Many biological psychologists have