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Personality Paper The concept of personality is a broad one. The personality theorist has an interest in what individual human beings think, feel and do including how the social situation affects and is affected by the individual. In this chapter, I discovered the different characteristics of a person’s mind and how one’s personality acts and reacts to situations at hand. I learned that personality is the grouped system of typical responses to situations and actions, as well as one’s thoughts and emotions, which make them unique. My personality type is thinking vs intuition because the aspects of these two correlate to my being as a norm of society. Sensing is an ability to deal with information on the basis of its physical qualities and its affection by other information. Intuition is an ability to deal with the information on the basis of its hidden potential and its possible existence. On the sensing side of my personality, the traits that correlate to me are self-confidence, quick adaption to my environment, sensing everything around me, and enjoy pleasures based on physical sensation. While on my intuitional side, the traits most correlative to me are interested in everything new or unusual, worry for the future, often having doubts, and attraction to theory rather than practice. On the sensing side, I tend to thrive in physically focused careers producing tangible results. I find myself drawn to everything from construction to professional sports. Due to linear, logical tendencies, I tend to enjoy the more right-brained fields, such as mathematics and software, or professions in which the rules and expectations are clear, such as the military or police force. On the intuitive side, I tend to lose focus due to an idea popping in my head, to focus on the future often, engage in my imagination, and reflect on choices. My personality is shown to be genetically closer to my mother. She tends to correlate exactly to the aspects of sensing vs intuition while my father is introverted vs extroverted. The consistency of my