Personality Psychology and Outer Senses Essay

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I see myself as an introvert so I prefer to focus attention on and get energized by the outer world and other people. I believe I have always been an introvert since childhood so I have no doubt about it. I do tend to suppress my introvert personality when I absolutely need to but eventually I come back to my natural state of introversion. E.g. I am more of a listener than talkative when in social gatherings and parties and I usually stick to friends I know therefore my friends see me as an introvert more than an extrovert.

I believe that I am more of an intuition person than sensing person because I have always been successful while using more intuition than my outer senses. I think that there is this really unexplainable thing about intuition that actually exists. E.g. I have a good skill in interpreting patterns and possibilities that aren’t very obvious to my outer senses, like when I make a decision about practically everything I do whether it is watching a movie based on the film poster or a trailer.

I don’t think anyone can exclusively have a Thinking or Feeling personality. I think my personality is somewhere between Thinking and Feeling because I make use of both of them somewhat equally but I probably lean in more towards Thinking. E.g. I am always more logical and stick to facts when dealing with conflicts with people. There are always emotions involved when handling such situations but I have always been as my past jobs required