Essay about Personality Self-Theory Class Notes 2013

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We are not just responder of the environment, we think and adjust to..
We think not just ahead of time, but on going throughout.
We need to account for the social settings.
Learning theory says 2 ways...operant conditioning and classical conditioning

Self Theory

Self-observation, it is a thought. (thinking about self, “I look good/bad today”)
Judgement, comparing an observation to some standard. (today/yesterday, experience/ideal)
Observation and Judgement are conative. Personality is encapsulated in the way you think about these things.
Self-response is the reaction to ...
Self-efficacy (Effectiveness) ... is the way I’m acting working? (IMPORTANT) High self-efficacy means you can do EX: Great self-efficacy in cooking, but not so good efficacy in accounting.

Personal agency (something you have or don’t have), the believe i can affect actions and outcomes. (internal locus of control).
Forethought, ability to participate the future outcomes, options, cost-benefits.
Self-regulatory processes, cognitive and ...
Expectations (influenced by forethought), about not only what’s going to happen, but how likely i can plug and success and fail. efficacy expectations, confidence of can I do it? (ask for the date, ask for the raise). Ability to do it. outcome expectations, what’s going to happen?

| positive expectation | negative expectation | positive outcome | v | | negative outcome | | v |

The way to improve the life of a person, is to improve the self-efficacy of the person. empowering people, you have power, have internal locus of control.

1 An active experience - performance, doing it. practice makes perfect. 2 Vicarious experience - others did it, i can do it. 3 Physiological experience - 4 Persuasive experience - make you do it? shame you if have to? force you to observe?

Copping - High / Low


Dog learn to be helpless. rethinking how human operates. relating to human depression.