Personality Test Project Essay

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Alyssa Mae Pascual
Mr. Tsutsui
Period 4
15 February 2015
Personality Test Project I predicted that test subject 1 would be a blue because she is very emotional and is very influential to others. I also predicted that test subject 2 would be a green because he seems to look for logical answers whenever a problem needs to be solved. I gave both test subjects the personality test and their results surprised me. Both of the test subjects turned out to be orange. The more I looked into them and analyzed their actions; they both were active, bold, competitive, and a natural performer. When I took the personality test myself, I turned out to be an orange. I knew from the start that I was going to be an orange because of how optimistic and physical I am. Oranges usually act on a moment’s notice making them a natural performer. They need fun in their lives and are very generous and impactful to others. At work, they don’t like routines because they like independence and freedom while using physical coordination. In relationships, they like to explore new ways to excite the relationship (explaining their boldness and physical contact). I can use this information to improve my relationship between the test subjects and myself because one of them is my sister and a close friend. Since the test subjects and myself are orange, we all are best at acting on a moment’s notice and very bold in other people’s eyes. I would spend time with them being adventurous and trying new exciting